Wednesday, March 11, 2009

collards are planted

garden caretaker
acrylic on fencepost

he doesnt do any planting..just oversees it
he also calms any angry spirits and maintains harmony.

let us dig our gardens and not be elsewhere: Let us take long walks in the open air... Let us bathe in the rivers and lakes... Let us indulge in games... Let us be more simple: simple and true in our minds above all. Let us be ourselves. —Robert Linssen

yesterday i planted collards . they are planted to the left where you see the green rows. the green is rye which i grew there in the winter. rye adds nitrogen to the soil. what you see directly behind the post is all clay..i tilled it up but it will have to have some soil conditioners and manure and such added to it. lots of it is also shaded quite a bit by a pecan tree out of the picture to the right. directly behind the post is a row of onions. lots of pole beans grew in that row last year.
the flags you see further back are prayer flags. they have prayers for peace and compassion and well being printed on them. when the wind blows the prayers are blown out to everyone. i love to see them blowing.

***************from the promise land in lipscomb alabama; where golden eagle table syrup and buffalo rock flow freely....and the train whistle blows***************