Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

happy new year

a new beginning

here is adam kadmon [jewish mysticism] primal man

the essence of man... haveing always been

9x12 block print

drawn at a sketch group and carved on a linoleum block and printed on paper


"The world is in fact a seamless and dynamic unity, a single living organism that is constantly undergoing change. Our minds, however, chop it up into separate, static bits and pieces, which we then try mentally and physically to manipulate "--John Snelling, Elements of Buddhism


the beginning of a new year

i am of course going to start the new year with blackeyed peas, pork, and cabbage.

today as everyday is also the beginning of the rest of my life...and at any moment could become the end of it....if there is really an end .

"plan as if you will live foreverlive as if you will die today" james dean


From the promise land in Lipscomb Alabama
Where golden eagle table syrup and buffalo rock
Flow freely
And the train whistle blows