Thursday, January 8, 2009

a gift from the tyrant

what a touching gesture

isnt it nice that the bush clan can leave half a million dollars worth of china for the whitehouse. just what they need. did the old just need replacing or have they been eating from paper plates all along.
a great many people eat from dishes from the thrift store. some dont have enough to eat to cause concern about their tableware

'sneering tyrant'
ink on paper

it will be gift enough for the tyrant to just be gone.

there is brush to be cut at the ranch.

12 days to go.

"a bone to the dog is not charity.

charity is sharing the bone with the dog

when you are just as hungry as he is"

jack london

From the promise land in Lipscomb Alabama
Where golden eagle table syrup and buffalo rock
Flow freely
And the train whistle blows