Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the image is adam kadmon [jewish mysticism] .. primal man..the essence of man..before the garden..'everyman'
linoleum blockprint 9x12


"This world is only a bridge; you may pass over it, but you should not think to build a dwelling place upon it."
Jesus, The Urantia Book, Page 1735 (156:2.1)
we dont exist as separate beings but as 'everyman' .. like a piece of a hologram ..we have always/never been .. we will always/never be..we are .. now..this moment
we will do well to recognize what we all have in common rather than focus on our differences
When a traveler arrives at a hotel, he negotiates a price for a room and informs the staff of how long he will be staying. But as he gets comfortable there, he may begin to feel like the hotel is his home, and after a while he forgets about moving on. When the management tells him that he must give up the room, he refuses to leave. “This is where I live! Why should I leave?” There is some misunderstanding, and it leads to strife.
When we start to identify with our bodies and minds and think of this life as ours, then we are similar to the traveler who doesn’t want to leave the hotel. We have a wrong idea about this temporary stopping place, and we find ourselves always in struggle and conflict.

Ajahn Chah, from Being Dharma
from the promise land in lipscomb alabama; where golden eagle table syrup and buffalo rock flow freely....
and the train whistle blows