Monday, January 5, 2009

jones' dock

the baithouse

jones himself was quite a character. one of his many enterprises was this baithouse on the anclote river. it was never really a moneymaker but it was frequented by a range of motley characters.. shrimpers, mullet fishermen, winos, hangers on, and such... both night and day. the boat in the center brought back cuban refugees during the mariel boatlift in the early 70s. i ran a bait shrimp boat [not in the painting] from here. it was a source of quite meager income for me when i met carol. she went with me several nights to pick shrimp and make coffee. most of the boats around there were older and some in ill repair. much later she told me she was terrified each time but went with me only as part of her plan to capture me [we have been married or shacked up for 30 something years]. up town at ruth pantas' goldcup restaurant needing a deckhand for the night with a few beers i convinced one afternoon a townsman 'smokey' a carnival worker to go with me. about halfway up to the shrimp grounds smokey asked me.."how much will you make tonight?"..."if i give you that will you take me back to the dock right now?". i kept going and he suffered through the night. he was afraid of everything we caught in the nets. im not sure if he ever forgave me. those were interesting if lean days. ive had lots of jobs but never a career but most of the jobs have been quite interesting. i wouldnt have stayed with them otherwise. experiences were always more important to me than money.

the painting is oil on masonite. it was sold but is around 12"x18".


there is no news that i know of here in lipscomb today.

yesterday i planted some rye and clover seeds in the rows where i plant vegetables over in the chicken lot. i had them leftover from planting in my clover patch here. the rye and clover should introduce lots of nitrogen to the soil for spring planting over there.

good fortune to all

From the promise land in Lipscomb Alabama
Where golden eagle table syrup and buffalo rock
Flow freely
And the train whistle blows