Friday, January 23, 2009

let go

The Greatest Spirit Reality
Love is the greatest of all spirit realities. Truth is a liberating revelation, but love is the supreme relationship. The Urantia Book,
Page 1608 (143:1.4)


dont wait til you can...just do it

yesterday on the treadmill ..i walk not run and carefully at that..i really did "let go". did you know that you can dance on a treadmill? not because you are on a treadmill but in spite of being on it. and sing too. i dont mean mutter along under your breath..i mean sing out..using all your breath.

i had my mp3 player with me. first i listened to 15 minutes of 'bad buddhist radio' talking of right view'. then i put the music on. now if i sing accompanying myself with my guitar it is usually pretty basic 3 chord older country honkytonk music. that is partly because it is easiest to play..but i do like it. i used to listen to it on am radio..i dont even think there was fm then...and sing when i was a kid. but id really like to be able to really sing sometimes i just do it. i did yesterday...sang out...mostly leonard cohen type stuff like 'dance me to the end of love'. i just dropped all inhibitions and really seriously sang out. i didnt care if the windows were open or not. i think i really wanted someone to hear me. by now im not going very fast on the treadmill but no matter.

then i found myself doing a few steps in time to the music and i found i could adjust the speed so that i could dance right there on the treadmill. now i dont generally dance in public tho i certainly did back in the day. seems like when i quit drinking i lost my dancing skills. anyway i started dancing the afternoon away there on the treadmill. i dont mean any hokey jumping around aimlessly flapping my elbows but dancing....modern jazz maybe type dancing. soulful stuff like tango is.

i always wanted to learn to tango. and i still do. when we lived in florida we had a neighbor ..edie..who stopped in frequently to chat or drink tea or espresso and sometimes eat some soup if i had made any. she liked my art. she was a little older than us but not by much. during ww2 she had walked across poland with her mother and sister and a horse and wagon. anyway edie knew how to tango. i dont know how she ever learned ...she is married to a great guy a slovak of some sort who would much rather fool with a steam engine of some sort than partake in social or cultural events. he is a great friendly guy though and stopped by on his bicycle in the mornings some and drank coffee on his way to look for treasures alongside the road. so anyway no matter how she learned ...and maybe he did tango with her at some time regardless of my profiling...she could do it. i only learned this shortly before we moved here else i might quite possibly have learned from her.

i have found a place here....nearby anyhow....not in lipscomb ... so maybe there still is hope if i can but convince carol to go.

meanwhile its nice to know that you can dance on a treadmill.

From the promise land in Lipscomb Alabama
Where golden eagle table syrup and buffalo rock
Flow freely
And the train whistle blows

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Pat88 said...

Oh, Ted your dancing story reminds me of how much we need to play! A few weeks ago at the grocery store there was a hopscotch game put on the floor next to some product the were trying to childhood days of playing hopscotch just flooded back to me. I can remember Susie Roberts, one of five girls who lived next door and my first best friend, Patti who lived down the street. We used to make a hopscotch game with yellow chalk right their on the driveway, near the hollyhocks my mother had planted. (She made hollyhock dolls out of the flowers for each of us every year.)

Anyway, back to the grocery store...of course I looked up and down the aisle to see if anyone was watching and seeing no one I jumped that hopscotch game right then and there! As I finished, a woman had just turned into the aisle and I know she saw what I did. We smiled at each other.