Tuesday, December 23, 2008

wasteland and pant

i noticed yesterday that we use a lot of paper plates and paper towels. now it really doesnt make a lot of sense to me. cut down a treethat took some years to grow..cut it down..make some paper..use the plate or towel for usually only a few minutes...throw it away. i wonder how long it takes to throw a tree away? doesnt sound right does it. so...yesterday i used neither paper plates nor towels..but in the stead i used 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon and 1 plate, 1 bowl, and 1 glass and a cup all day. that reminds me of a story. anyway we shall see how long the paper saving lasts.

the story: [this is true ]:

years ago living in tarpon springs we were preparing to move from shakey flats to an apartment..carol and the kids [3] and myself..on banana street. i decided it would be in our favor to limit our selves to each person 1 each..knife,fork, spoon, plate, bowl,glass, cup. so that is what we took with us. this served us ok. months later for thanksgiving we invited a herd of people over for dinner. in time we realized there was no tableware for the guests so we contacted each of them and advised them to please bring their own. so without another thought they did. they each brought his own tableware and we had a grand thanksgiving. when they left alas most of them left their utensils so since then we have been back to a drawer and sinkful of kitchen stuff.

this painting was started in florida but i recently finished it up here. it was at first a more idyllic scene but i changed it to be more truthful. most of the condos remain unsold or are in forclosure as a result of greed. just up the street from our house here is a creek which shamefully looks a lot like the one in the painting because of nothing other than thoughtlessness.

the painting is mixed media 16x20 on canvas. it drew a lot of attention at avondale and was displayed at my brothers annual christmas party but remains unsold..as do countless others.

panting: this morning carol said that ebbie's panting made her want to go back to sleep. im not sure i understand that but i did realize that pant is one of those words that i like. pant. doesnt it sound nice? and you would almost know what it was just from the word itsself. say it. panting.

enough ..im headed for the bank and the library.

good fortune


Trey said...

I've always thought disposable dishware was a dumb idea in most situations. But I recently went to a party at which we used paper-ware which were discarded into a container labeled "compost" along with food scraps. Brilliant! Maybe more people will pick up on this great idea as time goes on in situations where non-disposable dishware is too inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

I used to be opposed to the paper plates too. Until there were more than 20 for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in age range from 6 to 84. Now it doesn't seem so bad.


Visiting your blog from Joe's. I will be back.